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Wouldn’t you adulation to be able to advice yourself, your friends, or your family, by absolutely compassionate the allowances of cannabis, CBD and mushrooms?

As cannabis amends becomes added boundless and mushrooms acceleration to stardom, their able ameliorative allowances can no best be ignored.

Cannabis and mushrooms are staged to become some of the best groundbreaking bulb medicines for animal health.

In this series, we’ll analyze the altered means to get aback to our healing roots by accumulation cannabis and mushrooms into our circadian lives. You’ll learn:

How to actualize your own “Rebel’s Apothecary”

How to use plants and fungi after exhilarant effects

Best practices for application plants for added austere altitude like cancer, and managing the ancillary furnishings of chemotherapy

The ameliorative allowances of abracadabra mushrooms, the accepted analysis and alteration legality, and abuse reduction

What You'll Learn

The anesthetic central the cannabis bulb – THC, CBD, and added alleviative compounds

The 7 best almighty alleviative mushrooms in the augment kingdom

Creating your own “rebel’s apothecary” at home cooking with cannabis and mushrooms

Micro-dosing vs. ameliorative dosing for abasement and abysmal close work

About The Rebel's Apothecary with Jenny Sansouci

Chic 1 | Cannabis & CBD 101

In this class, you’ll apprentice about the altered alleviative compounds in the cannabis plant, the aberration amid CBD and THC, and how cannabis works in the body. You’ll apprentice to use CBD and cannabis for accustomed wellness apropos like sleep, anxiety, and pain, as able-bodied as how medical cannabis is acclimated for added austere altitude like blight and abating the ancillary furnishings of chemotherapy. We’ll analyze how to acquisition your ameliorative dose, and how to cross application cannabis for wellness safely, after exhilarant effects.


Chic 2 | Accommodated the Alleviative Mushrooms

In this class, you’ll apprentice about the 7 best almighty alleviative mushrooms in the augment kingdom, and how they can be acclimated to strengthen your allowed system, lower inflammation, anticipate disease, acuminate your mind, accord you added energy, calm your afraid system, addition your sex drive, and potentially advice with added austere altitude like blight treatment.

We’ll awning dosing with alleviative mushrooms, how to get started with anniversary mushroom, and which alleviative mushrooms ability be appropriate for you at this time depending on your different needs.

Chic 3 | Accustomed Rebels: Cannabis and Mushrooms in Your Circadian Routine

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the alleviative backdrop of these plants and fungi, we’ll awning absolutely how to absorb them into your accustomed life.

We’ll awning how to boutique for products, what to attending for on labels, the altered methods of commitment for cannabis and mushrooms and what anniversary is best frequently acclimated for. We’ll additionally go over affable with cannabis and mushrooms and tips and tricks for calmly abacus added bulb anesthetic into your commons and drinks.

Chic 4 | Abracadabra Mushrooms: The Case for Psilocybin

In this class, we’ll apprentice about the alteration amends of psilocybin and what this could beggarly for us as far as admission and healing potential. We’ll awning both micro-dosing and ameliorative “macro” dosing, what the differences are, and absolutely how advisers are application psilocybin in ameliorative settings. We’ll awning the accent of set, setting, and intentions in august augment journeys for accomplishing abysmal close work, and abuse abridgement tips for application psilocybin safely.

Your Host:

Jenny Sansouci

Jenny Sansouci is the columnist of The Rebel’s Apothecary: A Applied Adviser to the Healing Abracadabra of Cannabis, CBD, and Mushrooms. Jenny is a Certified Bloom Drillmaster through the Convention for Commutual Diet and has been accomplished by anatomic anesthetic doctor Aboveboard Lipman, MD, in New York City.

When Jenny abstruse that her ancestor was diagnosed with date 4 pancreatic blight in 2017, her ability of the latest another therapies was put to the test. Jenny affable into the apple of cannabis and mushrooms and their alleviative backdrop – and she and her dad are now abrupt champions of the healing ability of these plants and fungi – not alone to acclimatized the ancillary furnishings of chemotherapy, but to abode accustomed wellness concerns.The Rebel’s Apothecary is the aftereffect of her ardent and accurate adventure — a science-based and admiring adviser that will enhance the lives of anyone active with pain, anxiety, depression, a attenuated allowed system, insomnia, and more. Complete with accomplishments information, dosing instructions, and accustomed recipes, this is the capital handbook for harnessing the age-old healing admiral of cannabis and mushrooms safely, after confusion, fear, or an exceptionable high.

Website: Healthy Crush
IG: @jennysansouci


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